Danish Modern or Mid-Century Modern???

Posted by Vincent Leman on April 04, 2013 0 Comments

Danish modern cabinet by Vincent Leman

Vincent: I am very excited to begin working on a collection of Mid-Century Modern furniture (or is it Danish Modern Furniture?!).  I'm not really sure which to call it, but regardless, my aim is to reference classic modern furniture lines and colors.  I love the contrasting door color against the classic stained body of each piece.  It's such a nice way to reference the modern form while adding warmth and contrast to the piece.

 We're making prototypes as I write, so we'll be posting new pieces soon! We're considering adding the option to completely customize the color of the door.  The pictures you see show the door in white, but you would be able to send in your paint name, number, and manufacturer and the cabinet door could be painted whatever color you like!  After purchasing our first home (and choosing wall colors), I can see how nice it would be to order the door to match your room color scheme.

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Posted by Vincent Leman on August 15, 2011 0 Comments

One of my favorite parts about working with jessie to produce pieces for uncommon is the act of collaborative creation.  There are certain pieces that just simply would not exist without our combined efforts.  The chandelier, for example:  jessie worked for hours perfecting the design of the chandelier… applying her creative vision.  Then she handed the design off to me & I brought her creative vision into the world with my engineering/production efforts.



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our favorite time of the year

Posted by Jessie Leman on August 07, 2012 1 Comment

 We love summer…  The looong sunny days, garden fresh produce, and time spent outdoors with loved ones. 

We also love looking forward to our favorite craft show ever, Renegade Chicago. A section of Division Street in Wicker Park is closed down for the weekend while around 500 amazing craft artists to creatively display and sell their wares. It's hands-down the best craft shopping we've seen, and we feel honored to be participating for our fifth time (we just quickly did the math and it seems unreal!). We so enjoy meeting our super-friendly customers and witnessing their reactions to the things we've made. It makes all of the hard work and preparations totally worth it! Right now we're in full-speed production mode so we can be ready for the crowds, come September 8 & 9. You ready?

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in process

Posted by Jessie Leman on May 11, 2012 0 Comments

We've been wanting to make a big clock for a while now… and many of you have been asking us for them! We're slowly but surely working on a few different designs for release.

One is based loosely on our popular 'modern numbers clock' in natural birch. It will have brightly painted inset numbers to contrast nicely with a natural birch finished face.

The other design is going to be quite different than anything we currently make. It has grooves that carry the eye up and down and the center and outer ring will be painted. 

We're also planning on adding a few new colors to our palette… some bright pops of color. How do you guys feel about using 'trendy' colors when decorating your home?


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DIY magazine feature and a milestone

Posted by Jessie Leman on January 27, 2012 0 Comments

We're super honored to be included in the Spring issue of DIY magazine, on newsstands now! The photo shoot back in August was a blast and we've been eagerly/nervously anticipating the issue release. It's both fun and strange to see our faces tied in with our creations… we're so used to being behind the camera and in general, behind the scenes. 

In other news, we just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this month, which means we've been creating stuff together for over 6 years. Pretty neat! Excited to see what the next 6 years bring...

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