Vincent & Jessie Leman - Designers of Uncommon Handmade

Welcome! Uncommon is a collaborative effort of husband and wife duo, Vincent & Jessie Leman, who make making things our full time passion. Put together a classically trained mechanical engineer and a dabbling graphic designer and what you get is, well... uncommon. Furniture and room accents with modern clean lines, an old-fashioned sensibility, and fresh colors.

Everything we sell is designed and created in our studio, located just outside of Chicago. We aim for quality and contented customers, so please let us know if something you've ordered is not to your satisfaction.

Designing & making are the two primary passions that fuel Uncommon. After that, we desire to create lasting value through good design, careful manufacturing, and respectful treatment of our planet & our employees!

Uncommon Handmade was launched in 2009 after we had started our first line of art furniture (dust furniture*); after a few years we started designing new things that didn't fit very well in the dust line. So began Uncommon.

Uncommon Handmade
456 S Campbell St, Ste C
Valparaiso, IN 46385

The Team:

Jessie Leman: Design Guru & Graphic Genie
Vincent Leman:  Design & Engineering Guru
Jasna Jokic:  Painting Genius
Samantha King:  Goddess of Fulfillment